Reverse engineering: This is how the AI/Midjourney describes/prompts the pictures given the output in reverse

Picture A:

1️⃣ a man holds a candle by a skull by his hands, in the style of vray tracing, detailed nature depictions, witchy academia, tilt-shift photography, detailed costumes, realistic and hyper-detailed renderings, skillful lighting 2️⃣ hand holding a skull and candle holding forefinger, in the style of unreal engine 5, mark keathley, mythic storytelling, atmospheric woodland imagery, detailed costumes, realistic hyper-detailed rendering, depth of field 3️⃣ the man is holding a candle to a dark dark night., in the style of skull motifs, vray tracing, captures the essence of nature, tilt shift, detailed costumes, nature-inspired pieces, historical illustrations 4️⃣ dark fantasy | sam’s room demons and goblins, in the style of mikko lagerstedt, skull motifs, realistic still lifes with dramatic lighting, uhd image, tarot card, theatrical gestures, 8k resolution

Picture B:

1️⃣ two figurines stand around an empty glass ball in the light, in the style of lively nature scenes, photorealistic renderings, forestpunk, landscape photography, childhood arcadias, bokeh, delicately rendered landscapes 2️⃣ in search of a miniature world by brian collins on 500px, in the style of bubble goth, light bronze and yellow, realistic yet stylized, photo-realistic landscapes, romantic illustration, fujifilm natura 1600, glass as material 3️⃣ a tree and two people stowed in a magic mirror, in the style of miniature dioramas, transparency and lightness, spherical sculptures, nature-inspired imagery, adventure themed, depth of field, childlike illustrations 4️⃣ some toys surrounded by grass and trees, in the style of josh adamski, transparent/translucent medium, detailed miniatures, imaginative characters, spherical sculptures, uhd image, romantic illustration

Picture C:

1️⃣ an old man stares at the sun, in the style of 8k 3d, dreamlike portraiture 2️⃣ an old man with his head up on a man, in the style of vray tracing, golden light, james paick, uhd image, detailed perfection, rudolph belarski, joyful and optimistic 3️⃣ the older man has a white beard, in the style of vray tracing, golden light, digital art, adventurecore 4️⃣ an old male with brown eyes, in the style of michal karcz, lens flare, dmitri danish, bernardo strozzi, joyful and optimistic, night photography, realistic hyper-detailed rendering

Picture D:

1️⃣ woman looks down in the rain, in the style of 8k 3d, epic portraiture, realistic lighting, rhads, contest winner, 32k uhd, energy-charged 2️⃣ a girl is wearing clothing with rain on it’s face, in the style of ray tracing, cinematic lighting, endurance art, 32k uhd, figurative portraits, bokeh, emphasizes emotion over realism 3️⃣ dark rainy day photograph or photo of a beautiful young girl, in the style of 8k 3d, energy-filled illustrations, aleksi briclot, emotional storytelling, golden light, grit and grain, 32k uhd 4️⃣ a young woman looks up, in the style of vray tracing, depictions of inclement weather, 32k uhd, contest winner, night photography, portrait realism, strong emotional impact