Reverse engineering: This is how the AI/Midjourney describes/prompts the pictures given the output in reverse

Picture A:

1️⃣ a child walking among the rocks in a desert scene, in the style of rendered in cinema4d, made of insects, minimalist figures, light purple and orange, mushroomcore, slender, depth of field 2️⃣ a child is standing on a small rock covered by fungi, in the style of rendered in cinema4d, soft and dreamy atmosphere, realistic human figures, mars ravelo, blurred forms, 2d game art, matte photo 3️⃣ a person walking in the desert, in the style of rendered in cinema4d, primitive figurines, mushroomcore, soft-focus portraits, delicate landscapes, scattered composition, 2d game art 4️⃣ a woman in a field with a ball of orange mosses, in the style of rendered in cinema4d, minimalist figures, dusty piles, wandering eye, primitive figurines, blurred landscapes, tinycore

Picture B:

1️⃣ boy kneeling on the ground at night, in the style of photorealistic art, urban fairy tale, mandy disher, disney animation, vray tracing, made of insects, dima dmitriev 2️⃣ a little boy kneeling on the road at night, in the style of photorealistic fantasies, charming character illustrations, made of insects, soft atmospheric perspective, photo-realistic landscapes, city portraits, vray 3️⃣ a child who is kneeling down in front of a street at night with a teddy bear, in the style of realistic landscapes with soft, tonal colors, daz3d, made of insects, bokeh, charming character illustrations, macro perspectives, life-like avian illustrations 4️⃣ young boy clinging to light bulbs in the city, in the style of photorealistic landscapes, dark fairy tales, soft, dreamy scenes, photorealistic wildlife art, traditional street scenes, made of insects, 2d game art

Picture C:

1️⃣ a young girl with starry eyes is wearing a hood, in the style of impressionist light effects, narrative storytelling, raphael lacoste, whimsical children’s book illustrations, uhd image, realistic detail, close-up 2️⃣ a girl staring up at the light from the star, in the style of epic fantasy scenes, bokeh, realistic hyper-detailed portraits, lit kid, 32k uhd, childlike illustrations, expressive, textured portraiture 3️⃣ a young teen who stares at a light source, in the style of realistic fantasy artwork, bokeh, uhd image, childlike wonder, figurative portraits, inspired by folklore, close up 4️⃣ the hacked teen girl in hoodie carries a flashlight, in the style of jessica rossier, josephine wall, soft-focus technique, realistic hyper-detail, lit kid, peter mohrbacher, bokeh

Picture D:

1️⃣ a clock and birds coming from the window, in the style of vray tracing, fairy tale illustrations, cryengine, tabletop photography, detailed flora and fauna, letterboxing, golden light 2️⃣ a bird flies over the desk, in the style of fantasy settings, clockpunk, meticulous photorealistic still lifes, golden light, cryengine, fairytale-inspired, nature scenes 3️⃣ a golden clock, in the style of unreal engine 5, birds & flowers, darkly romantic illustrations, vray tracing, tabletop photography, i can’t believe how beautiful this is, letterboxing 4️⃣ an old clock with a coin near a window, in the style of jessica rossier, vibrant hummingbirds, vray tracing, soft, dreamy scenes, everyday life depiction, letterboxing, nathan wirth